Friday, April 9, 2010

BACON! Baconfest Preview

Alternate Title: Why tomorrow will be awesome and go down in bacon history

Baconfest 2010 is tomorrow... the first fest that's all about the tasty slice of meat. The October 2009 Pro Bacon Cookoff will be nothing compared to what tomorrow will bring.

If you haven't already guessed, I, folks, was one of the lucky few to score tickets. And, when I say lucky, I mean it. Tickets kind of sold out in 10 minutes... 'kind of' because while it looked like the tickets were sold out, some people were holding on to them but not paying. When their session timed out, the tickets were released back to the general public. The price they paid for wondering if the event was worth $45? I scored 2 tickets 45 minutes after the ticketing opened.

Yes, $45 for bacon. But that price gets my boyfriend and I much more than what we paid. 12 bacon dishes from top Chicago chefs, samples of beer, more samples from expo vendors...

...and that is why tomorrow will be awesome. Oh, that, and I'll be going to the John Mayer concert, too.

Pictures from tomorrow's festivities to come!

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